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What's in your Shop or Garage.

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Hi Guys, what builds or keeps your Chevy Truck closer to or on the road ?
What tool do you use or have in your shop ? And what if any tool tips can you share with us ? :D
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Well, I've got a 4 post lift, a 60 gallon compressor, a 110 Mig welder, a press, several roll away cabinets, a heat pump, a stackable washer and dryer (something about a little black ring in HER washer after a load of shop rags), and of course, a frig, and satellite TV. I'm pretty much set.
Ya Geezer sounds like your pretty comfortable. beer
We have only been in this house for 2 years and the home renovations come first, happy wife happy life so I am stuck in a 24x14 garage for now with two 12x20 Tarp sheds in the back yard. Kind of cramped with a 60gal compressor, toolboxes, drill press, Mig welder, 4' brake, work bench and supplies cabinets. Hopefully this spring we can build a new garage in the side yard so that I can get all my equipment home. Would like room for a surface plate to build chassis on but this is supposed to be a hobby or that is what I tell my wife.
Wow with that collection of equipment you must be cramped. But just think how cool it will be to lay out a new shop..... ;)
The plans have been submitted to the township for approval but I think they are going to cut it back in size to a 40x30 and no second floor. I will take what I can get for now.
Hey 40 x 30's better then nothing, and maybe you can later throw some lean to off the sides and eventually close them in. anim_25
Well lets see I have a 40X60 garage I built back in 1995 for my dump truck and now from all the crap I've collected I no longer have any room for the Mack so now I have to add on.

As far as equipment goes I have a Backyard Buddy 4 post lift a Lincoln SP 250 welder ( piece of junk) a Miller 251 and I just bought one of those Miller 211 dual voltage migs and a Thermal Dynamics XL 75 plasma torch.

I have a Champion 2 stage 80 gal compressor, a Drake 50 ton press ,a TP dual station glass bead cabinet and a model 99 TP pressure blaster and one firestick.

Mark we should all build a building for just our junk.... THEN fill it with car trucks and tools. :) how long would that work :D :D
Mark we should all build a building for just our junk.... THEN fill it with car trucks and tools. :) how long would that work :D :D

I think it would work pretty good until the first full moon and then I probably be back to square one.

When I built my shop,I thought it would be plenty big enough!
Now, 22 years later,it ain't!(It's 50'x75')
I'd like a couple of 2 post lifts(this year maybe!)
I have welders,blast cabinet and blast pot,air compressor,etc.Plus all the hand tools I will ever need.
I've considered adding on,but it would be easier (and cheaper)to get rid of some stuff.
I work 6 days a week,so I mostly throw stuff in the shop and organize when I can!
Some pic-

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Well Mike y'all sure do have quite the collection :D :D :D nuff said :D
My garage

Well I don't quite have a shop yet. I am currently building it. I am about 80% done with it. It was built to house my two c-10's I currently own. measures 20'x30'x16' high. For me it's time to get serious with my c-10 builds.


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