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Welcome C10 Onwners

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Welcome To a place were we can share our passion for all walks of the C-bodied Chevy truck ! :D
This means short bed, long bed, 2X4 , and 4X4 along with the Suburban and panel.
So in the weeks to come please sign up and become part of building one of the largest truck communities ,
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Thanks Steve! Hope to see a lot of great discussion on Chevy trucks!
Mine is a 1969 C10 Suburban. Always in progress, like most hotrods are!
350 engine, TH400 trans, 12 bolt posi. 3.73 gears, HD swaybars front and rear. 2001 Durango leather buckets and bench, with '71 C10 console box. 15"x10" and 15"x8" ralley sport wheels. This is my daily driver year round.
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Hi Carl, glad you joined us.... :D
Carl isn"t that a 3 dr? them is cool
I'm not Carl, but yes all the '67 to '72 Burbs were three doors.

And what's with the site that a "three" comes up as a dancing hamburger????
some how the number three ( not written ) comes up as a dancing Cheese Burger .... I was wondering what as going on here. Thought it was an inside joke I wasn't getting. :D
Ok I fixed it :D it won't intrude our conversation anymore. But it is still available if ya'll get hungry.... :D :D
This is going to be a great site. bowtiedb fahne19
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