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Universal Under dash kit for 77 c10

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Hi everyone i was looking for some advice on adding AC to my truck. I live in tucson arizona so that 100+ degree weather is about to hit soon haha. I wanted to know if these under dash kits from ebay were any good? or if you all have any suggestions for some nice budget ones. I’m only 20 in college and only working part time but this is my daily driver so ac for the summer is a must. are these kits reliable or easy to install? and will they get me through the heat most importantly
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If you're talking about the $200-300 kits, those listings are very misleading. All you get is the inside underdash box and the condenser that goes in front of the radiator. No compressor, lines & ect. The real deal Under Dash AC units are more like $2000. For example Vintage Air Sure Fit AC System - 73-87 C10 and 1977 Chevy Pickup Truck Air Conditioning System | Classic Auto Air - Air Conditioning & Heating for 70's & older Cars & Trucks which work very well.

Installation depends on your knowledge of HVAC systems and have the specialty equipment such as a vacuum pump and a set of gauges.

100+ is HOT!
Yes the Uder Dash AC units are like $2000 or more if i'm not mistaken
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