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Steering linkage problems

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I put a 1985 C-10 K frame assembly under my 64 C-10 and installed a new power steering gear with appropriate mounting/stiffening kit. I installed the 1985 center link (nothing to wear out on this) and a new idler arm then connected new 1985 model inner/outer/adjusting sleeve assemblies on the spindle knuckles. The inner tie rod ends are about an inch to 1.5" short of connecting to the center link tapered holes. I checked the distance between the holes on the original 64 center link and they are about 1.5" further apart for the inner tie rod end joints and about an inch further apart where the pitman and idler arms connect. Tried mixing parts but the 85 linkage is considerably larger than the 64 is at both the spindle knuckles and at the inner tie rod end holes. What combination of parts do I need to get the linkages connected?
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