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Hi Guys
As the title says, I'm a Sheet Metal Junkie :D I really enjoy what I do for a living and thats fabricate and shape metal. So if there is a question you may have, maybe I can help.
I'm not shy, if I don't know, I will lie :D :D OK I won't lie, but I will help find an answer. So lets bring it to the bench ! ! That's were I go to figure it out. :D
Also, I know I also won't be always working on a Chevy pickup but honestly, metal is metal and it doesn't know the difference nor dose it care.
So from chassis :

To bodies

Here's from another forum I've posted :

Started out by making some flexible patterns of the rear quarter panels

After which I started laying out a panel.

Shrinking the edge with a set of thumb nail dies to get the edge to roll over and raise the top.

After which stretching the top area .

And smoothing out the walnuts it starts to take shape.

And some fast forward shaping.

Now the left side was just a reverse of the right side.

Now with the two sides and the center of the sill built and welded together

Now was time to weld the top sill to the quarter panel tops.

And here it is all together

Nice profile

Anyway, like I said I'm just a sheet metal junkie :D thanks for looking

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Help with Photos

Well we have an easier way to upload and save photos to insert in the forum. Now you can do it from your members control panel.

1. First use the resizer below to resize your photos then follow the directions to upload.

Here is a easy photo resizer program to resize your photos prior to uploading them. Just click on the link below download the resizer.

Goto step 2 after you have resized your photos.

2. Select User CP

3. select from the side menu Networking and then click Pictures & Albums

4. select Add Album

5. Title: name the aldum here any name you want

6. press the submit button

7. Select Click here to upload pictures!

8. Brouse to photo on your computer

9. click upload photo

10. click save changes

11. then click on the photo untill it enlarges you will then see see the links under the photo so you can copy the link and insert the photo in the forum

Special Note, if you click on the photo gallery from the navation bar above and go to your album that way you will not see the links under the photo when enlarged, You must first click on user cp from the menu above and then click on pictures and albums and then click on the photo you want to get the code, First enlarge the photo and the code will be under it

Hope this helps


Also when anyone clicks on your member profile your photos also show up in your profile.

Hope this helps


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Great Fab work Steve! Looking forward to seeing more and learning a few tricks myself!


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Ah yes that's were the roof exterior panel and the interior sheet metal pinch weld together.
Typically I have to have something to go by here in the shop. Having a panel to read information off is how I can copy. If I would find one local and they would allow me to copy it would be possible.
The only other way I've made simple repairs panels was to have templates of all contours and that's left up to the owner to get the template or flexible pattern exact. :)

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Just awesome work Steve, I touched with you a little on the gasser forum about a cowl hood for my `64, I`ll get started on that in the spring and I`m sure I will bug the heck out of you when I get started. All I`ve done was cut the entire center section out so maybe I can start rolling the sides down over piping.


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Alright. Question here on mig welding.

How do you do it so clean? If I turn the feed down to get less material buildup I can't keep a weld going. If I keep it where I can keep a bead I have a ton of grinding to do and i am always fearful of increased damage to the sheet metal.
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