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Hey all, wanted to join here so I'd have a place that my '59 GMC 100 would have a home. I know it's more similar to the '55-'57 trucks but tri-five is tri-five... :D

I am going to get on it soon. It's getting a '76 Trans-Am front clip and a SBC/700/8.5" drivetrain. Other than that, I think I'm just going to have fun with it.



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Hi Mike, glad you`re here, when you install the firebird clip, I think you`ll
find the track width will be a little wide, you can narrow it down with a set of control arms from a mid eighties buick regal, they are two inches narrower from the shaft points to the ball joints, you`ll just have to build new lower a-arm strut mounts on the lower frame rail..just for info if you want it, we did the same on a `49 chevy pickup with a `79 camaro clip...
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