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Old School Barracuda

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Stopped by my buddy's house down the street. For years he's worked out of his garage, building and painting muscle cars, classics, motors and more. I had stopped a few weeks ago and he had 5 monster big block blower Motors on stands tucked between his 1969 z28 and a few other cars.

Today I stopped and he had one of his cars in the garage. A 1969 383 Barracuda with a 383 in it and old school paint job.
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Land vehicle

You can see his supercharged newer Shelby in the driveway and his race trailer with his drag race Camaro.
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Hood Vehicle

See the 383 in the paint scheme?
Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Hood Automotive lighting

That's old school lacquer paint.
Vehicle Car Hood Automotive lighting Automotive design

Automotive parking light Car Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Motor vehicle

Oh yeah..and the car runs 13s on the strip. Not bad for an old street car.

This is just one of many cars my friend owns. He has a secret warehouse with all years and variation 67, 68 and 69 Camaros, GTO Judge, 440 hemi Cuda and many more cool rides. In his driveway, one of his daily drivers is a late 70s Formula Firebird.

It nice to have neighbors like this. He is a walking encyclopedia and a swap meet horder. He knows what every little thing is and what it goes to. He also has a collection of gas pumps and globes amongst the many high performance small and big block parts.
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