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Just saying hello.

I just picked up a couple of 69s one SNB one LWB with the intent of making one SNB out of the two. I have done this before back in the 90s with about 5 trucks to get 1 and regretted selling that truck ever since.

I am not into the huge wheels, airbags, and huge stereo stuff, but I am about making one run above average. So when you see mine it wont be pretty but it should run great.

My avatar is my first one I never finished but it was street legal (I drove it to work daily) and ran 7.60s in the 1/8 with a small block with single 800cfm Holley no juice and 3.73 out back on 9" slicks. Back in the 90s it was pretty quick for a street legal driver.

The new 69s plan is to have a 468 BBC I am about 3/4 through getting ready to assemble. Should be in the 700hp range. Already had a TH400 built and waiting. It will be a 10" tire street legal ride. Hoping to go low 6s in the 1/8th and still be remotely drivable. :)

Thanks again for letting me hang out.
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