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Hello One and All;
I am the third owner of my 70 C10. I have had it for 15-16 years. I originally bought it as a home for a nice 350 that was in my 66 Belair wagon that was totaled in a hit and run. I knew if the motor didn’t go from the wagon directly into its new home, I would probably not be able to get another vehicle before the engine was useless. A friend gave me a 76 GMC 1/2 ton. I am not a fan of that body so I was dragging my feet. A year later I had a VERY pretty engine sitting in it but with headers bolted to it.
Then I was visiting a friend and learned that she had a friend that had blown up (HARD seizure) the original engine and he wanted to sell it. So, I asked how much and he gave me a number that was about $500 cheaper than the “anyone else” price. I said let me go take a look at it and I’ll let you know.
So, I looked at it; there wasn’t a lock cylinder anywhere on the truck. The keys had been lost so there were toggle switches to turn on the ignition and another to turn the starter. There was no tailgate; the driver’s section of the rear slider had been busted out, no pads on the pedals, a two foot diameter hole on the driver’s side of the seat that went clear to the seat frame, and the tail lights were broken. There were some good things though; it had Centerline wheels in excellent condition, it was relatively straight, there was less than a 1/16th of play in the driver’s door hinge, nothing noticeable in the passenger door, both doors ACTUALLY closed; the driver side floorboard had the least amount of rust that I have ever seen in original, unrestored examples and no cracks in the steering box area of the frame. Being that I had one good friend whose family owned the largest truck junkyard in the State and another that owned one of the largest restoration parts supply companies on the west coast with over $3,000,000 of inventory. I have known him since we were in Junior high school. I knew that in two weeks this truck was going to be COMPLETELY different and I didn’t want this “tweaker” to tell my circle of friends that I ripped him off. So, I said”Mike, I am not going to give you$1,000 for that truck. I’ll give you $1,500!
Well, I got an interior, with resprung seat for $100. Then all the rubber pads (and stainless trim), door and ignition lock cylinders, tail lights and driver’s arm rest for $47, BRAND NEW! (He is a VERY GOOD friend!).
Fast forward 15 years or so, it has a new 350, 4 bolt with less than 400 miles on it, new clutch, pressure plate, release bearing, new transmission input bearing, rebuilt transmission top cover and SO MUCH more! There is work to do to take it to the next level, but WAY LESS than most I have owned/seen of this series of vehicles. I am NOT going to do this work! I bought it to make dump runs for a few years and then to flip it. These ARE NOT my personal choice to customize l/restore. So, I am asking $5,500 OBO and it comes with the original engine in an engine crate.
I have a photo journal of it’s life with me and can send some of them to serious individuals. There’s VERY little room for negotiation. I am willing and able to post it internationally and sit on it until I get what I am asking. It starts instantly (or faster), runs like a watch and could be driven across the country with complete faith that it will make the trip. It will wander in the lane a little, there will be wind noise (the heater rocks); but EVERYTHING (except the horn) works as it should (or better).
I haven’t checked out any of the message capabilities of this board. So, as I write this I am assuming that I can be reached anonymously from here to my personal email. I am a retired soldier and database administrator. I am not a slave to technology anymore and only check my email 2 or 3 times a month. So, if you’re serious, be patient, I will return your message.
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