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Hello All,

My name is Adam and i just layed down some cash for a 1962 c10 fleetside longbed. its compete minus the motor. it has the 4 speed trans and the original bed wood floor.

I admit I know nothing about these trucks. I'm 26 and have always admired these body styles but knew if i didn't jump on this deal i would regret it.

The truck is complete the only things i can tell that it is missing are the window cranks. which i feel are easy to replace with aftermarket. it has some slight body damage to the passenger side and the windshield has 2 vertical cracks. i think its missing the c10 badges also. the owner told me i need to find a 1980s or older 350 to bolt to the 4 speed trans. (I have one already!!!) Also the Vin doesnt quite decode... i can give the vin later if you need

so I joined this forum so that I can get advice, history and maybe share some horror stories of similar rebuilds and learn about this truck!!! so hit me with it! the good bad and ugly!

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Thank you for the fast and quality replies!! Pics included!!!

Here are few of the photos I took when looking at the truck. when i get it moved and cleaned up a little ill update photos..

one door had splines (not stripped) the other door had what I'm assuming a bolt system like a keeper bolt??

i do believe im missing the chrome and emblems but not sure if that is trim package or not...

Vin included in photos
the vin decoder that "lakeroadster" added was a great help!!! most online one are crap I've found!


15= half ton long wheel base (127")
L= Built in LA
120104= Production number...?

My future father in law is in the glass industry.. he quoted the windshield at $390 his costs... Like i told him "i guess ill try saran wrap and then spray enamel it lol"

Tell me all you can about the truck from what you can see in the photos, goo bad ugly, and share your own c10s? to be honest i was a bit disappointed the paint was so clean. i was hoping for a bit more patina lol

i have no idea what this truck is worth or could be worth. i feel i got a pretty good deal but idk... I just know i never plan to sell it!

(FYI: i grew up surrounded by trucks and cars rotting in others yards, i decided right then and there if i got one it would be a daily driver or at least a weekend show vehicle)

I want to thank those that have taken to time to talk to me about my new truck!


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What are your plan's for the truck?

I'm really not sure what my plans are yet i need some inspiration!!, I was hoping before i saw the truck that it would be in worst shape for paint. so i could clear over the natural patina. but oh well lol!!! I really dont know yet. i like to keep my projects original looking to conserve the history. i also like the way the lowered ones look but i doubt ill slam it. depending on its natural stance I may even raise is a few inches. This wont be a trailer queen.

Are the floors and rockers solid?
the floors and rockers are the first thing I checked. (Built in Ca and lived its whole life in Arizona i was expecting it to be good!) It was, I've got a little surface rust near the passenger side rocker and a little by the core-support.

What about the bed, still sportin' it's original wood flooring?

YESYESYES!! all original wood in GREAT condition!! i think ill take each piece out and clean them up maybe sand them down and re varnish them. they have a really pretty color!

Sooo.. what's your first name?
My name is Adam!

Some Questions for the Community!!!

what size motor was the best for these trucks/size?
will the 350 that came with it be a great match if i install? I'm Motor blind... lol
what are your favorites colors or things that others have done to these trucks?
where can i get a windshield?(i already ordered a LMC mag.) $390 is my best quote locally... ouch lol
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