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Interior Update

I had the front seat recovered and got it back and installed in mid-October. It is a joy to now get in the K10 with a new front seat!!

At the Grand Prairie swap meet I found a good condition dash pad. It was blue so I knew I needed to paint it or recover it. I chose to use some of the material that was left over from the front seat being recovered. It took me about 2 weeks at an hour or so a day to try and get the naugahyde to lay flat. The only issue I had was at the top right where the A/C duct is above the radio. I worked and worked with that area then finally gave up for a while and installed it in the truck. So, there is a bubble in that area. I will pull it back out when summer time gets here and use mother-natures heat to help me mold that area of the dash. The rest of it looks GREAT!!

I also replaced the lense over the gauges and replaced some of the bulbs for the instrument cluster. This sure helped seeing the gauges at night! I had previously cleaned the gauges and repainted the needles orange.

I re-faced the instrument cluster with some bushed aluminum vinyl that I purchased off eBay. Not my neatest work but it will do for now.

Sorry, no photos at this point, but I will do my best to shoot some over the next few weeks and get them posted.
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