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1966 Chevy Fleetside
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Hi Everyone,

What a great forum. There are tons of info and knowledge here. I’m glad to become a member of this forum. Hopefully, I’ll be able to share info too after some experience with my new truck. I retired from the military and then retired again as a civilian fm the AF. Yep, couldn’t get enough or just too stupid, haha. Anyway, I’m starting to rebuild the whole suspension using tubular control arms, upgraded ball joints, shocks, trailing arms, front discs, 5x5 spindles, brake booster/master cylinder, and new 5x5 rear axles. Keep driving the 283 for as long as I can. I wanted my wife to be able drive it safely so that’s why I’m redoing the brakes and suspension. Geez, I forgot how hard it was to stop with the original brakes. Glad to be a member, wishing everyone and their family a Happy Thanksgiving.
Mike C
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