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New member new truck. my daily driver. including winters

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Just thought I'd share with you a few pictures of my 1966 C10 just bought from North Carolina and drove up to NJ here, has 93k original miles, was a 1 owner truck since 1967. original 283 3 speed on the column. and still runs on a generator and 1 master cylinder with manual brakes! which i do plan to change to power at least.

this doesn't have a spec of rust underneath with factory GM sheetmeta land it almost kills me to drive this in the salt/gravel covered roads, but i love driving these classics too much, you only get one chance to enjoy them might as well drive a classic all the time!
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i like your truck ,drove one like it for years in the sixtys
Now that's the kind I'd like to find!

That is a beauty, don't know any truck owner that wouldn't want to own one like that. ;) very nice :D
good looking ride.
PURRRRRDY man you can park that in my garage anytime
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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