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Hi all! I'm a new member to this site, and a fairly new C-10 Truck owner. I purchased my 1966 C-10 back in the Fall of 2020. I have been doing quite a bit to it since. Often times I hit snags along the way, so perhaps this community of C-10 enthusiasts can provide a little bit of knowledge and perspective along the way when needed.

I'm not really looking to build a show truck, nor a hot rod. I more less want a daily driver with some clean lines. A new coat of paint is hopeful, but nothing too nice as I want to be able to throw and empty beer can in the bed without worrying about the paint.

I'm happy with what I have under the hood, so the body is my next endeavor. At some point in time during my trucks life, it had been in an accident, and most of the passenger side is pretty gnarly. I need a new bed side (long bed) a new door, and need to patch the cab behind the door. I also need to pound out a large but manageable dent on the drivers side bedside.

Thanks for reading my post, and I look forward to collaborating with many of the other members in these forums!

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