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New member here

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Well new to this forum but certinaly not new to C10s. My first truck was a 67 C10 I bought from a trucking company I was doind wrench turning for..I bought a new one in 74, and 85 and 93. with many that I restored inbetween. I'm still driving my 93 as a daily driver so thats 20 years and am not even thinking about replacing it... Unless the right 67/72 shows up. Probably not even then it would just be an addition to the stable. I have done many car restorations and customs over the years but keep coming back to the C10s.
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Glad to see you made it over Charlie! Maybe you'll have another C10 show up one day, you'll have to add to your garage!!

Glad to see both of ya's have made it over ! ;)
Welcome to c10 Trucks, you guys are a big help to get this forum started


otis :)
hi ya and welcome. good to have you here. :) .....................better late then never. ;)
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