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Hey guys, I am glad to find a good forum for my new toy.

I had my eyes on a 65 caddy and my 66 c10 for awhile. Caddy sold and I accepted fate and bought my c10.

I managed to track down the owner who shipped it here and the original owners son who the shipper bought it from. So before me 3-4 people have played with it.

2015 the motor was rebuilt
327 bored over 30
Nostalgic L79 Comp Cam
Comp Cam roller rockers
Z28 Push rods and springs
Action Weiland +plus Intake
4 Barrel Holley 650 carb
Gear Drive converted from Chain
R700 Tranny
Shorty Ceramic Headers

I did make some buyer errors when inspecting everything, the c notch and rear setup is pretty rough. So i am going to be doing the choppin block half while I redo the 90s mini truck air setup.

Other than that I am going to start some basic maintenance to get it happy and healthy.

I love the truck, it absolutely rips.


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Welcome to the forum, glad to have you here, great start, shouldn`t take much to get it where you want it...! sign0016 and by the way have a couple of members here from Roseville...
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