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Hey all. I just recently acquired a 1965 Chevy C10 long bed. I am new to the classic trucks world and am looking forward to learning more and beginning doing some work.

So the backstory to this truck becoming part of our family is a little interesting. My wife was on Facebook and saw a mutual friend who had a Superbowl pot. The squares were $200 each with the final score square winning the 1965 Chevy truck. No way would I ever think we would be lucky enough to win, but alas!!! here we are!

The truck is a 1965 Model. The previous owner has built many classic cars and had begun working on this one. The truck is powered by a 12V Cummins and has front disk brakes installed. The truck appears to be lowered some but I am not 100% sure on that, or if it is just sagging original springs(Hopefully someone here with more knowledge can help me out with that).

The truck has some rough spots, and rusted-out floors that I know need to be addressed. But for $200 bucks I got a scorching headstart on it. I can't wait to learn from the forums and hopefully be able to complete some of the upgrades and restorations myself on this project.

I am attaching a few photos



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