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If you buy the stand alone harness from one of the vendors it's easy, most of them have only the needed wires in the harness and have omitted the rest that control the smog circuits, they are pretty much just a run circuit that replaces the the stock circuit, they are pretty much plug and play if you do the home work from a well versed vendor, I will see if I can find a guy that builds them specific for our trucks and link him over, he's on FB.
Here rust bucket is a site dedicated to LS1 conversions, a great place to start until we can get this site up to speed.
thanks for the great info 406rich a little late on thanking been busy working on the ls1 swap got it driveabel an legal was wanting to use the 12/99 ip to check eng,vitals useing underhood fuse box all emmisions,starts right up will have more info .rustbucket
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