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Been a busy few weeks. There was a local cruise in the neighboring town and Goodguys were in town so Saturday cruise. I didn't get many pictures unfortunately..wish I got video of the guy doing wheelies on his Indian motorcycle!
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Tire Wheel Car Sky Vehicle

I used to work for this guys dad selling cars in the late 90s. His truck has a 383 Brodix block w/ a Saginaw 4 speed.
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For the 1st time in about a decade, I didn't make it to the Goodguys show. But did make the Saturday night cruise. A couple buddy's showed up to represent the square body's!
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My green paint is pretty hard to miss in the bright sun!
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Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle

The reason I didn't go to the Goodguys show...well for one, my buddy's I normally go with, we're not able to make it.

But more importantly my friend called me and asked for help getting ready for the NHRA Northwest Nationals next week. My friend hasn't raced in awhile due to health issues and the car is looking a little neglected..needs some new paint and polishing up. But the motor is fairly fresh.
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This is a real 1968 Mercury Cougar XR7 that's been front halved and back halved with Art Morisson parts. It's an NHRA certified car.
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You can see the chasis has a lot of runs and needs some paint work. But that motor is fairly fresh. 565 big block chevy w/ Reher Morrison heads and just shy of 16:1 compression, backed by a Dedenbear power glide. Pushing close to 1000hp.
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Car has full race electronics including air shifter(co2), transbrake, throttle launcher, throttle stop, etc. The car is capable of running high 8 seconds at over 150mph. But we slow it down and run the Super Street bracket(10.90 index), which is a very competitive bracket. We could easily run Super Gas(9.90 index), but Super Street is fun and less wear and tear on the car and motor.

A lot of the racer don't like to wear full face helmet, and the newer NHRA rules say over 135mph and you have to have a full we slowed it down to 131mph. The car has won 2 NHRA wally awards.

The car has a fiberglass front end, doors, deck lid and bumpers..the rest is steel.
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