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Hey folks, stoked to be a part of this community. I've wanted an old 70s/80s era pickup since I was in high school. I finally got around to squirreling away some cash last year and I've been combing Craigslist religiously (perhaps obsessively) for the past 8 months. Finally this week I found the one:

She's a 1978 C-10 Big 10 Bonanza. Lotta adjectives there.

83K original miles, although the previous owner replaced the factory 350 with brand new Crate 350 a few years ago and rebuilt the transmission. He purchased the truck from the original owner. Both owners cared for her meticulously: I got an inch-thick folder of receipts to prove it. She's got factory paint, which has an amazing patina to it.

Evidently, the Bonanza trim package was an end-of-year promotion that Chevy did in the late 70s where they'd throw in a bunch of options like A/C, tilt steering, cruise control, etc.

She's a daily driver. Flies down the highway. My planned projects are small ones, related to creature comforts:
  • Vents blow really weak, but the blower is pretty new. Need to investigate that.
  • Needs A/C overhaul.
  • No radio or speakers. May or may not install those. I kinda like the sound of the truck.
  • Wondering if it's possible to put in a variable windshield wiper control. Drove her in the rain last night and I needed a slower speed than the factory control allowed. It quickly got annoying.
  • Small internal/external trim replacement and refurbishment here and there.
  • Cruise control doesn't work. Not sure I want to mess with it though.

And that's it. She's solid, straight, and rust-free. The Bonanza. Looking forward to giving her a good home, and to sharing my triumphs and failures with this forum.

Austin, TX

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