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for the T56 you have it would be WAY more plug & play to use the same engine it was used behind which is the Gen 2 LT1 95-97. This is a 5.7 (350 CI) motor.

The bellhousing, FW, clutch is specific and is a "pull" clutch system but readily available. Ideally you got the bellhousing, fork AND the slave spacer for the external mounted slave that T56 uses

Since the Gen2 LT1 is a computer motor you would, IMHO, want to convert it to carburator. GMPP makes a intake manifold to do that and also a Optispark block off plate for the timing cover so you can run a normal SBC distributor.

The 95-97 LT1/T56 is done many times into older cars, even keeping them computer FI motors but I would stay simple and go carb conversion on it

BTW that T56 you got is worth $ as they are not available new anymore for those years. Great trans. If it is of unknown use....may need some work. Rebuilds are likely $1500 if you have the trans as otherwise they are extinct except what you find in a 95-97 donor car and those typically need rebuilding

I would buy a rebuilt LT1 motor from Golen Engines but get it in the carb set up. Contact Chad there. They are highly regarded builder of the LT1. I have their 383 4 bolt main forged 383 LT1 shortblock. 45+k mi on it now
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