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Hello gang! New member from Alberta Canada. I am a member of, 'ELVIS56' and heard about this new through them. I am excited about this new site an if it is run anything like Trifive we are all in for one comfortable ride. I have learned more in two months at Trifive than any book could possibly hold. The huge wealth of knowledge,experience and patience these car guys share is simply outstanding and i am sure this will happen here as well. To have so many members read about any encountered problems a person is having with their vehicle and then everyone with ideas chime in and the brain storming starts as most always there is a fix. Sure makes life easy when you have a BIG family to work with and even's free! These trucks are getting older and to actually find a local mechanic that knows anything about them is getting hard to find so this new site will be a blessing for most of us i am sure.
A little about me....I am blessed to have a Wife who also is as crazy about classics as i am. My dad had a 1969 GMC 1/2 ton long box that i got to use periodically when i dated my now wife in high school, that was in 1975. Ever since then she has loved those old trucks. About 6 years ago i found her a nice 72 Cheyenne short box in Gilbert Arizona and had it trucked up to Montana where we went down and hauled it back to Alberta. She & I are both proud of this truck as 'Shorties' are getting very hard to find up here. It doesn't need much as it was restored when we got it but when the time comes for questions i will be posting them here,
Thanks a lot!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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