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Good Morning Chevy Truck Owners

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Good Morning Guys ! ! Like our other forums I like to set a good morning thread , so we can stop in each day and say hello and what we have going on with our Chevy trucks.
This morning thread doesn't mean just morning, it can be anytime, day or night
It's a neat way of stopping in, and just saying hello..... 16coffee
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Morning everyone! Cold and frosty out this morning!

Sunny and Cold here in northeast Pa. 16coffee good morning guys :)
16coffee on my 2nd cup.
Good Morning Guys :) another chilly morning in northeast Pa.
Mornin All...Ditto Steve but were supposed to get more snow this afternoon. If this keeps up I'll have the old plow truck out yet.
Well we're stuck at home ! ! Better then being out in that mess...... :confused:
wet snow here in am. :eek:
Good morning all,

Not a bad morning here in Ca. Not as cold as you guys back east, but a bit cold for here.

Have a cup of coffee on me!!
hello all cool & cloudy here in s tx. happy to see this site as i like c10's almost as much as tri 5s.strangely enough i opted to do bare frame resto on my 78 silverado rather than my 55.but thats me always doin stuff backwards
Morning all! Cold and clear on the way to work this morning. Last day of work for the year! Hope to put some time in the shop tomorrow. Have a great day!

Good Morning Guys ! ! Lots of snow yesterday, so have to get to clearing the property. Good morning to ya Dave :)
sunny today, but the winds are wipping.
Good Morning Guys, cold out today, but no snow. However, there's plenty left on the ground to remind me. :D :D
Morning everyone! Last day of 2012! Have some snowblowing to do today and hope to get out to the shop for a bit. Have a great day!

sunny and in the 20's, feels good. ..............have a great NEW YEARS EVE everyone.
Good Morning Folks, Day one , lets make it a good one. Happy New Year fahne19
Morning all! Happy New Year! Wishing everyone the best of 2013!

have a great NEW YEAR eveyone. :)
Morning all you truckers.....still a little chile to be out on the driveway yet.... got a lot of work to do on my `64 c10...
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