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Nothing exemplifies the spirit of hot rodding better than a full-house Ford flathead V8 under the hood of a ’67 Camaro.

It’s said that Clarence Everett of Oregon was a wizard with the ’32-’53 Ford flathead V8 and a racing legend in the Pacific Northwest. He held records at Bonneville with his flathead-powered Ford roadster and ruled the streets with a souped-up ’50 Ford coupe. But in 1968, he was looking for a more up-to-date platform for his muscular flathead engines, and he chose, of all things, a Marina Blue 1967 Camaro SS—reportedly, an insurance salvage. He yanked out the 396 cubic-inch big-block V8 and dropped in one of his killer valve-in-block Fords.
Installing a flathead in a Camaro might seem like an outlandish idea, especially to Chevrolet partisans, but it made perfect sense to Everett. Besides, it’s true to a basic principle of hot rodding: Why not? Under the hood we can see a pair of high-compression aluminum heads—standard practice on a modded flathead—and four Stromberg 97 carburetors with slicked-up SP-style airhorns. Everett raced his Ford-maro in the 6-cylinder/flathead gasser classes at local drag strips with some success, reportedly. However, the car’s whereabouts today are unknown.

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