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1968 Chevrolet C10 Fleetside, Short bed, Stick, etc.

Sadly, I don't have the garage space or the time for both a "play truck" and a "work truck" so I've made the difficult decision to sell my baby so I can get something more suited to my needs. I'll give you the skinny on the truck here but I'm also available via phone or text (video chat even) to go into as much detail as necessary with any serious buyers. I consider myself an honest broker and will represent the truck as best as I am able to.

If you're looking for a driver quality, but affordable C10 that you can use DAILY as-is and make improvements/modifications over time then I humbly submit that you could do a lot worse than this truck.

Here are the details:

1968 Chevy C10 (technically it’s a GMC C1500 according to the VIN but for all intents and purposes they are one and the same)
Factory short bed, fleetside
250 cubic inch, straight 6 cylinder engine (I believe it is the original engine but not certain)
3 speed manual transmission
Power steering! (you can one-hand turn this beast around corners with ease)

Previous owner did the following:

Lowered front and rear end
Vintage Western Wheel Slot Mags (rears are slightly larger and wider than fronts)
Replacement oak wood bed, slats and hardware
Gas tank relocated to the rear of the truck under the bed--filler is in the passenger side wheel well in the bed--pretty slick
Original column shifter was moved to the floor
Vintage bucket seats and center console (these are probably from a Chevy Blazer or GMC Jimmy from the era)
New windshield and rear window gaskets (glass is super clean and not a leaker in wet weather)

Since I purchased the truck in September 2019:

Transmission rebuilt by Robinson Transmission in Buxton
Brand new carburetor, plugs, points, tune-up, seals, etc. by New England Diesel Services in Windham
4 Brand new tires and front end alignment by VIP in South Portland (less than 200 miles)
Brand new and complete exhaust by Lou’s Custom Exhaust in Portland
Miscellaneous mechanical and electrical work by Hill’s Service Station and Cape Service Center in Sopo/Cape Elizabeth

I upgraded/replaced a bunch of odds and ends over the last year. The highlights include:

Hurst Shifter/Knob
3-point safety belts!
Pioneer 6x9 speakers custom fit into the cab recesses behind the seats
Round side view mirrors
New Wiper arms and blades
Lots of new gaskets, bumpers, lights, lenses

I did the body work and paint last spring while I was out of work because of the pandemic. I took apart as much as I could short of pulling the engine, took everything down to bare metal and then epoxy primered all the panels before applying regular primer, color, and top coat. The color is Toyota Tacoma Cement Gray. I forget what the black metallic on the grill and mirrors is called. The work is not show quality by any stretch but considering my inexperience and that this truck is a legit daily driver she looks pretty great I think--certainly attracts a lot of attention, compliments, questions, etc.

Included in the sale is the remainder of the Tacoma Cement Gray Paint, black metallic and touch up pens for both colors. I have a few service and technical books that may be of interest that will also be included if you want them.

For what it’s worth, the professional work I had done (tranny, engine, exhaust, tires, etc.) cost about $3500. I shudder to think what I spent on miscellaneous parts and pieces to freshen it up, not to mention the blood, sweat and tears I put into the body work and paint job.

That covers most of the important stuff but I’ll bend your ear if you want going into great detail about what the last 18 months have been like with this truck. It’s a blast to drive--I use it as much as I can and have done multiple 200 mile day trips in it. Easy to work on. It’s at a perfect place for a new owner to take it to the next level like I did. Want a big V8? Disc brakes? Muncie or automatic transmission? That’s your call. In the meantime, you could just enjoy it every day like I do. The truck is inspected and registered as a “regular” vehicle--not an antique--through November 2021.

More than willing to entertain reasonable offers. Truck is available to check out and test drive most weekend nights and over the weekend. Looking forward to hearing from you and thanks!
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