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I am curious of people opinions and if others have gone this route?

1. I have researched to death about bed liners and had the opportunity to lay one down on a landcruiser vs a paint job. Seeing I have a step side I am planning on doing all horizontal surfaces with the liner. including the interior of the bed. So the inside of the bed, inside of tailgate, stepside fenders, and steps. This is due to durability and scratch resistance as this is going to be a family truck and my kids will be driving. The bed sides (outside) will be painted as well as the outside of the tailgate. You can buy the bedliner that is clear and add any paint code you want to it. Once reduced by 15% it sprays from a hvlp gun and lays down with minimal texture to it vs the large gun they supply to you.

2. I am also going to spray black on the underside of all panels from fenders, inner fender wells, etc, again for abrasion resistance from tire blasting and road debris.

3. Its expensive, but so is paint. Being able to color match I think is the game changer on doing it. I know it's not factory, but I can get it to factory color and it will last so much longer and be a huge rust preventative.

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