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I know there's some confusion out there about what type of distributor can be used with FiTech Go EFI Self-Tuning Fuel Injection Systems.

If you ask FiTech tech support, they'll mention any 12v, 2-wire, magnetic pickup, rotor phaseable distributor should work. (They usually won't specify exact models or part numbers but will verify compatibility if you ask about specific part numbers).

I used (MSD Street Fire part number: 5591) and how I set it up to make sure I'd be able to take advantage of the FiTech timing control functionality.

The rotor on this distributor is pre-phased; I had to remove the ignition control module by removing a couple of screws and wiping off the thermal grease.

After that I clipped off the connector coming from the distributor magnetic trigger and crimped on a female spade connector to connect to the spades on (MSD GM HEI Module Bypass Cable part number: 8861). I ended up soldering together the wires after this video to get a solid connection and hopefully reduce some resistance.

The magnetic pickup is polarized, the wires from this specific distributor (white & green) must connect to the FiTech connector (purple & green) in the correct order. From the distributor wiring I soldered green to the MSD connector green, and distributor white wire to the purple of the MSD connector then plugged the connector to the FiTech timing control harness on the back of the unit.

With all the wiring completed I stabbed in the distributor and brought the engine to #1 TDC on the compression stroke and stopped at my base timing. The base for my cam is 10 degrees. On the controller keypad I typed in this number under "Ignition Setup - Distributor Base Timing".

Once I got the engine fired up I used a timing light to rotate the distributor to match what the controller showed for timing when revved up around 2000 RPM, once I had both matched up I tightened the distributor clamp hold-down. This is the process for synchronizing timing, timing adjustments can now be made on-the-fly from with the controller.

I ended up having to make some adjustments to the throttle adjustment screws to improve the idle and get rid of a backfiring issue.

I hope this video helped explain the process. There are a lot of steps and skipping one or not performing one correctly can keep your engine from starting up or running the best it can; I learned this the hard way.
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