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Ok I fooled you a little...its a pro mod drag car. I've seen a lot of crazy combos at the drag strip.... For example..a 4 door VW rabbit with a fuel injected big block Chevy and the driver sitting in what was the back seat friend(RIP) Bud's old car..a 1957 Volvo(444?) (tube chasis/one piece fiberglass front end)with a big block Ford SVO 460 Alan Root block punched .250 over with pro stock heads and intake 16.5:1 compression. But I can't say I've seen a Ferrari drag car..let alone powered by a BBC!
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The video isn't really all that impressive..his burnout was terrible. He did go fairly straight at the launch, which was surprising after that burnout. But you hear him pedal it near the end of the run. That really scrubs the MPH. He did go 7.40 @ 146..not bad.

My buddy's old Volvo managed an 8.40 something @ 150+ MPH..before the crank fell out of
In this picture he is running a pretty stock 460 out of an old Lincoln, dialed in the 10 second ET range. Super short wheel base, scary ride. It had many motor combos over the years including a fuel injected BBC.
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