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Hi Guys
Had a fellow from down south sent me a tach mount for his resto on a Ducati. It's an early 60's Bike and my guess is he has exhausted his search. So here's what we came up with.

The mount was made from 12 gage and wouldn't be hard to bend in the brake but had two offset bends that made that not possible.
So first I made a pattern from masking tape and reinforced shipping tape to pick up the all the bend and hole placement..

Then I used a piece of half inch in and cut the angle in the same place to match were I could see the press lines in the underside of the bracket.

Then I mounted the bracket to the half inch plate, and when I was sure it was were I needed it to duplicate the bend, I clamped it in the vise and drilled threw two of the factory holes. Once that was done, I bolted the other blank and placed it in the vise.
Now with My light duty slapper, and a hammer, I laid the slapper on the edge hitting it with the hammer so I didn't leave hammer marks in it while watching the edge start to roll. Being careful not to chase to much over at once and paying attention to the corners that they didn't start to Bulge.

Here's what Ive got so far....

I still have to finish the holes.

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