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Couple pic's of my last C-10

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This is a couple pictures of the last 70 C-10 I had. Top chopped 5.5 inches, handles shaved, lowered, Kelly Green Flake with green velour interior, 350 with 350 turbo. Duntov 30-30 cam.


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Great looking Truck, what are those wheels called.

otis :)
American racing Hurricane II's. Had 15X7 front and 15X8 rear.
Mike that would have been a real keeper, that's a time capsule, chopped and metal flaked. How cool is that ! ! Y'all done a real nice job on the chop too. :)
Thanks Steve! Coming from you that's a complement. Did you notice the friewall and inner fenders along the top were silver flake? Done in laq no less, LOL...
:cool: cool truck, thanks for sharring mike.
Mike back the you really had to work to get a paint job like that. The guys today don't realize what we had to work with. Yes the engine compartment looks great in silver flake, and really brightens the compartment.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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