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Clutch Linkage and shift linkage questions

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Greetings all,

This is my first post here because I recently purchased a 1980 C10 with a 250 straight 6 and a 3 on the tree transmission. I am relying a lot on these forums to help guide me because I got it in pieces that I am trying to put back together. I am generally a Ford guy, and while there is certainly a lot of overlap in the engineering in these simple yet genius machines, I am still out of my element.

I have just reinstalled the transmission and I am working on hooking the clutch and shift linkage back up and it seems I am missing parts or parts have been added to get by such as a bushing made out of a water bottle cap. My trouble is I cannot seem to find any linkage kits or diagrams for this configuration as it seems the solution is usually to make it a shift on the floor.

I seem to be missing some sort of pivot ball connecting to the clutch fork because all that is connecting it to the pedal is a hardware store bolt that isn't in line which seems incorrect and unsafe.

Thank you to all of you for this resource and also anybody that can help me through this puzzle.
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clutch pivot ?
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