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With more and more manufacturers planning moves to an all-electric lineup, the days of the gasoline engine seem numbered. But that doesn't mean the classics we know and love are going to disappear — if anything, they'll get a new lease on life and a big power boost to go along with it. Chevrolet's E-10 concept truck takes a 1962 C-10 pickup and packs it with a 450 horsepower electric drivetrain and matching modern restoration. Chevrolet's Bolt EV provides the electronics and battery packs, and two off-the-shelf performance motors make the power. The motors drive the rear wheels via a conventional automatic transmission. The batteries are mounted in the bed under a side-hinged hardcover, and the updated looks are as fresh as the internals. Touches like an light-up bowtie emblem and LED lights add subtle enhancements to the custom theme. The E-10 won't ever enter production, but it shows what's possible for the vintage cars and trucks we love.
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