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Camaro Pickup! 1991 Chevrolet “El Camaro”

The El Camino, Chevrolet’s “gentleman’s pickup”, was discontinued in 1987. Apparently, someone wished that had not happened and decided to convert a 1991 Camaro into one, resulting in what you might call an “El Camaro.” We don’t know how well the work was done, but it should qualify as one-of-a-kind and attract some attention wherever it goes, especially in Camaro circles. From Bradenton, Florida, this worn-looking oddity is available here on Facebook Marketplace for $6,000 (trades considered). Rocco B. comes through with another unusual tip for us!

This interesting transport began life as a third-generation Camaro, which was in production from 1982 to 1992. They were the first Camaro’s to offer “modern” fuel injection, the TH-700R4 4-speed automatic transmission, a 5-speed manual transmission, and hatchback bodies. They managed to be 500 lbs. lighter than their predecessors, which should have equated to better handling and more speed. We don’t know the specific model of this once-was Camaro, and V6 engines were standard equipment except in the IROC-Z. The alternative was a 305 cubic inch V8 (except a 350 could be had in the Z).

The seller imparts no knowledge of how or well the transformation of this Camaro took place. Given that the paint and stripes are becoming faded, we assume not recently. And it would be nice to know if the work was done by a professional shop or two guys with some welding equipment. The Camaro retains its T-Tops and is said to run and drive well, so presumably, no immediate mechanical issues are there to be dealt with.

We’re told the car has won a couple of trophies at car shows, no doubt due to originality and not condition. The interior looks original and the truck bed has a plastic covering which we assume hides no structural issues or rust. The seller admits it’s not perfect but a lot of fun to drive; from what we see, we’d have to agree. If you’re looking for some interesting wheels to tool around in on the weekend and maybe carry some plants back to the house for gardening, this El Camaro might fit the bill.
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