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Hi all. Thanks for reading this and I appreciate any help in advance. My brake system is having issues it seems. Obviously as you can see in the picture, the brake master cylinder is leaking.

I was toying with the idea of replacing the booster and master cylinder but with the painted firewall, I don’t want to mess that up with having a different bracket, etc. I can’t tell who made the booster and I believe it is functioning (and appears to be a large dual diaphragm - maybe I’m wrong?) so…..Therefore, I’m now thinking of just adding a new master cylinder Willwood with proportioning valve) and using the existing booster and see what happens as boosters typically last a long time. I believe the current booster was installed in 1996.

What say ye?
1. Replace the booster and master cylinder and deal with the painted firewall later…
2. Replace just the master cylinder and keep the existing booster to see if that fixes all
I greatly appreciate it.


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