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I have a 1983 C-10 with a inline6 and unfortunately it has no A/C. Can someone tell me what parts i need to install one myself? I was thinking of picking one from a junkyard. What do you guys think about that?
Its a lot of work, may require, dash modifications....
Vintage air or LMC.

My want to give Vintage air or LMC a try. I know you can probably find the original A/C parts in a junk yard, but for the time and the headache of putting a used condensors, evap. cooler, orifice tube, dryer, and taking a chance on a contaminated compressor with cruud in it, I would go all new. I know sometimes new is not in the budget, but once you get some contaminates in an a/c system, your going to have issues, beside you would need to recharge and re-oil the system.
Consider "used" as throw away parts trial....

Used salvage yards parts once on a car & considered them as a throw away set-up trial back in the old days --the eighties. They worked...albeit not as cool as a modern Vintage air set up. Back then the Detroit a/c set ups were more robust & bulkier than today's products ....that is prolly why they worked (after a good cleaning). Today, I'd go with a complete modern system and be done with it!
70 C-10 with factory A/C

I have a 70 C10 with factory A/C that does not work and I don't know why. Doing a full resto mod. Other than cost, is there any advantage with using the factory sustem? Or should I just go Vintage Air?

Just rebuild the factory unit…you can buy all the parts for it...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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