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Ask & Answer question about Welder advice, Hand tool Advice Shop Tool.

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Ask & Answer question about Welder advice, Hand tool Advice Shop Tool.
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General tools needed for a resoration

What are some tools needed for "noobs" (me being one) who plan on starting a restoration!? I know there has to be others that wonder about what to buy and from where.. Any help I know will help me and Im sure others too! fahne19
I would suggest a good set of hand tools Sockets 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2" drive with a good set of box end wrenches. A torch set is also handy. I would not tell anyone to just go buy tools.( To much money) Buy them as you need them. A wire welder is real handy and a must for panel and or floor repairs. Air tools help a lot impacts, chisels, drills, sanders, grinders. Then we get into wiring MORE tools. As I said earlier buy as you need or you will go broke and may be get disgusted( not a good thing) For the most part don't be afraid to try thing on your own there isn't much you can do wrong that can't be redone right.. IMPORTANT have fun.
Oh yes a marking pen and a box of baggies for all the small parts.
Charlie hit it right.For home hobbyist start with a basic set of hand tools.Thats what I did some 50 years ago,with a basic set of Craftsmen,they put them on sale all the time.Look tools can cost a fortune so start off easy and acquire them as you need them.Watch your local want ads for garage or estate salesor craigs list,you can find some good deals there.And like Charlie said the most important thing is to have fun with your projects
Garage sales are a great place to find tools cheap, picked up this Proto puller last weekend for four bucks, new its $175.00, another pop rivet gun with a whole box of rivets for a buck, so the deals are out there...


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Charlie and Blue Goose have summed it up on tool needs. And as Rich mentioned, garage sales are a plus. Look for name brands, and sometime when a deal happens to pop up, that may be the time to grab when it's available. When it comes to welders, and compressors, it almost best to purchase new with a warranty. Nothing is more heartbreaking then shelling out decent bucks, and a few weeks later, disaster happens.
So food for thought, I, like quite a few have been collecting for years. Myself, being in the business, which happens to also be my hobby, and I'm still buying tools or equipment, even if to upgrade. :)
Mechanics(or to be politically correct,technicians)+ newer vehicles=weekly payments to the tool truck
Once you get the hand tools... (sockets, wrenches, screwdrivers, etc)....

I always buy new power tools, and I am stuck on certain brands, based on my personal experience.. I used to buy only Craftsman power tools.... not anymore.

A Makita 4" angle grinder is probably my most used tool. Get some flap wheel sanding discs, some grinding wheels, a knotted wire wheel and some good quality cut-off wheels. You'll be amazed at how much you use the grinder. It's also handy for projects around the house too.

2nd is my Makita Sawzall

If you are fabricating and need a welder go with a Lincoln, Miller, Fronius or ESAB and go 220 Volt if you are going to weld anything thicker than 1/8" thick. If you are only going to be welding on body panels a 110 Volt machine will work great. Be sure to get a wire welder with gas purging.

John anim_25
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