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Ask & Answer question about Transmission and DriveLine Questions

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Ask & Answer question about Transmission and DriveLine Questions
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Does anyone Know If A Third Member Out Of A 57 Car Will Work On A 56 Chevy truck Rearend? Will It Fit and Are The Axle splines the Same?
that may take some digging but do you have the rear were you can run a tape measure. If all works and the axles don't spline, you may have enough bolt flange to have the bolt pattern drilled. Just a thought ! ! :D
Steve I think he`s talking of third member drop out, no they are not the same unless a previous ower had changed out the rear axle assembly.
See my seventh grade teacher was right, I don't read threw and absorb before I shout out and wave my hand. :D she was cute though :D :D
I`m guilty of the same thing Steve, anim_63
No It's The Original 6 Lug rearend, I didnt think It would work. Thank's alot guy's For the Info.
But if your staying with 6 lug you can use anything up to `69 model year, complete axle assembly, you might have to do some trimming of extra metal from the axle housing and add springs pads to it, you can get the pads from summit for it...
Could not find where to create a new thread so here goes my question.

Anyone put a T5 in a 1970 GMC with a 350. I am pondering changing out the Turbo 350 to a T5. What years of parts will fit against the 350CI.

Also thinking about putting in a Jag rear-end with inboard brakes and then changing the front spindles to a 5 lug disc setup, but that is for another thread I guess.

Thanks for reading.
Are you asking wether the four bolts on the trans will mate to the bell house ?
As I have an automatic in it now, I am going to need everything to convert it to a manual. Thinking a T-5 should work just fine behind a stock 350CI.

Any stock T-5 items/parts that will just bolt in? Someone sell a kit? Figure that I might use a hydraulic master and slave rather than a stock type clutch linkage unless someone has a kit that will just bolt right in.

Although a standard 4 speed and stock Chevy/GMC parts would be fine. Was just thinking about it being nice to have an overdrive.
Overdrive would be a real plus. I like the idea of hydraulic clutch linkage, it's so much cleaner, and easier to route..... :)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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