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Ask & Answer question about Engine Building, Hi Performance

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Ask & Answer question about Engine Building, Hi Performance
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Home porting Cast Iron heads

Well since Ive had nothing but time on my hands lately, its given me time to plan the direction for my ole '80.

Originally I wanted to rebuild a 400 for it but I got to thinking about time and money and came to the conclusion that it would be more economical and maybe faster to just refresh the original 350 motor thats already in there.

I want it to breathe better since the plan calls for a matched cam and lifters for the 2101 intake thats on the engine and I know that porting can do that.

Has anyone tried this at home or would I be better off to just take them to a machine shop (Im also thinking of port matching the intake and whatever headers I plan to use.)
I used to send out or redo my 350 heads. Now I buy new aluminum heads for about the cost of rebuilding old iron ones. You can buy them the way you want them. Porting is up to you but for a street engine I really don't see the need.anim_25
As Charlie said the alum are much better, or if you decide to work yours over, just unshroud the valves and port match..
If I had my way about it, there would be a 406 small block or an LS7 427 Corvette motor making its way in there but since Ive gotta run it past mama Id better find the best and cheapest option I can LOL.
It seems like lately that a lot of guys are going with LS motors, on Craigslist I can count maybe five engine trans combos complete guys are selling for a reasonable amount of money both small and big block….this may be an option in your area..
As I said If I had my druthers the LS combo option would be the route I go. But since the truck will be used to haul myself, lumber and whatever else I can come up with it doesnt make sense, least to me.

Just looking for a Budget conscious option.
If there isn`t much taper on the cylinder walls, just hone the walls, new cast rings and bearings, get a decent valve job, do a port match with a dual plane intake..
1965 c10 starter

Bolting on the i6 230 w manual tranny back into my 65. Everything is fine until I got to the starter. I can't seem to get it to line up to get the bolts in. Any tricks to get the bolts to line up?my first time working on an i6 install. Any advice?
sometimes the starter nose will hang up on the flywheel some not allowing you to line up the holes..
I remember working on my 57 1ton with the six in it. There was a problem with getting the starter in. Don't recall what it was. But it did go in guess you just have to have it the right way.
You didn't mention if you were using the old starter or purchased a new(rebuilt)one I think I bought a rebuilt for mine and found that the snout was different than original. It has been a long time but that seems to be what went on.
I think we used the old snout and new motor
Anyone build up a 305

I have a crate 305 in my truck currently and while I'll most likely find a 350 block and have that built up, has anyone here built up a 305 and been satisfied with it. I'm not looking for crazy power or anything, I have a Cummins for that. I've read some of the arguments about 305 vs 350 but I'm just curious if anyone has one and has been happy with their 305. Thanks.
Building a 305 is just not worth the money, you don`t get the horsepower out of them, maybe its the bore / stroke ratio in them, I guess if you throw enough money at it it could but thats the whole point, 350`s just build more power with little money.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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