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another new guy from Az

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I'm Tom Mobley, also member at Tri-5. No C-10 now, but have had a 60 and 65. Currently have 57 BBW short narrow.

I'm good with mechanical stuff, will answer questions. No body work unless you want something that looks like a turd wrapped in wax paper. :)
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Hi Otis

Imagine meeting you here. :)
sign0016 Tmobile glad ya came on over.... :D
sign0016 hi tom and welcome. good to have you here.
Welcome to C10Trucks Tom! sign0016

and another from Arizona

Hey Guys,always glad to see more Truck Forums:D
Don't have a C10 Just have a 58Cameo and a 59Stepside
and a 1929 Model A TUDOR Sedan (was my Grandfathers).
Hope you still let me Visit Tho;)
Allen Rislund from Payson Az (Little bit of Snow on the Ground Today!)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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