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AC DELCO..apparently that's means A Chinese Delco now. It's been about a year since I changed my plugs in the 454. I was gapping my plugs and noticed one of the electrodes looked like it was a little off. Not that big of a deal since as soon as it sparks, it'll start wearing.
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Curious I grabbed a box and realized it says, "Made in China". I hadn't paid attention. I swear the last set was made here..or at least that's what they made me believe(more on that later).
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I use a small box that I punch holes in and place each plug after they're gapped. I then place a cut box over to keep debris off.
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As I am installing them, I will double check my gap. This may seem redundant, but sitting in the sun drinking beer and gapping plugs...well... its always a good idea to double check:)
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All ready for the big block.

So about that "Made in U.S.A." thing...they fooled me..

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we sorry you feel bad most honorable customer. we wish assure you plug is USA made and is only box make in China.
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