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So Terry stumbled across my thread about the stock AM radio's and was kind enough to P.M. me and offered me his old O.E.M. AM unit FOR FREE.

Turns out he lives down in Manteca, and i just happend to be down in Pleasanton this week end doing some welding for one of my Trifive friends, and stopped bye Terry's house on the way back home and picked it up :)

Terry was ONE HELL OF a nice guy, and think we hit off pretty good, i think after a hour of B.S. ing i finally hit the road again for home :)

Now i am going to have it converted to a AM/FM with a auxiliary cord for my MP3 player and my Sirius satellite radio, but still retain the stock looking head unit....

Thanks a MILLION TERRY is people like you that make these forums so darn cool :D

OH!!! and bye the way, his pics of his step side do it no justice...that truck is JUST GORGEOUS inside and out....

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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