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63 c10 disc brake part list needed

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I'm looking for a parts list to do the front brakes to disc without getting a kit. I just need to know what year trucks I can take parts off of. I need for 6 lug wheels. I already have a booster installed just need the rest of the parts.
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Your need a
master cylinder for disc/drum
Proportioning valve
Hard Lines (prop valve lines and main lines)
Rubber lines
Rotors with 6 lug (I got aftermarket)

I have parts from an early to mid 70s chevy truck, including upper and lower control arms(installed new bushings), shields calipers, power steering pieces, spindles, etc. I also had to find a power steering gear box(found one new in box at swap meet for $30-40) and will need a pump and lines.

Another route can swap the whole front cradle out of a disc brake truck. Originally that's what I was going to do and had bought a complete setup, but it requires some modification to fit. It was too big to store for too long where I was at the time and I sold it.

Of course both options require modifications.

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