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I`ll resume this thread now by touching on a few other tanks that will fit the 60 to 66 trucks..
60 to 62 trucks have a rear frame rail width of 42 inches to the outside, also the frame rails are thinner across, they will accept most all tanks we mention here, plus many more not researched, they will however need crossmember replacement I`m sure, some of the GMC and Chevrolet trucks also shared coil suspension vs leaf springs, not sure how the leaf springs hangers will impact tank installation if at all.
`63 to `66 trucks are all the same except frame rail measurements are now narrower, 34 inches to out side, wider rails, 27.5 inches inside frame rail dimensions.
Tanks that will fit with minimum work, but also cost a tad more.
Boyds Tanks
Very nice alum tank, fits and looks nice, expensive. Approx 18 gallon

Nice tank, hangs down to low for most people, install easy. 21 gallon

Dodge Challenger and Cuda tanks, 1970 to `71, the later models have four fuel vents to deal with, the filler is a rear mount (could mount behind license plate ) and sender is on the left side, you will probably need to run custom gauges with the mopar as they are 240 ohm senders. 18 gallon. Crossmember removal and replacement.

Ford mustang. `64 to`66, they fit for the most part right on top of the frame rails and use thru bolts into the top rails, they only make them in 16 gallon, filler is just below bed, middle rear. Ford senders are 99 ohm. Crossmember removal and replacement.

Tanks Inc
16 or 18 gallon, stainless, plain steel, FI setup or standard fuel line, light frame rail clearance needed, crossmember removal and replacement. No drain plug

Bob Drake
Same as Tanks inc other than tank filler and vent tube attached to tank, and filler is 1 3/8 size tube and has drain plug. Everything else is the same ,,,

1964 C-10-383 stroker-12 bolt posi & 1977 shortbox- nasty 454- 12 bolt posi 3:73
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Bronco tank...I originally bought one, but sold it later. Waited till Brothers had their huge sale and got a drop in one for a decent price.
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