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Hi, I bought a 1966 Suburban.

It's currently the epitome of a "work in progress" truck but I love it none the less. I have a shitty chromebook to post from and my android phone, so figuring out the pictures and videos will be interesting but I will try my best.

I am pretty sure at least four different people have owned my truck. Some even carved their names into her. Don't really know what else to put so I guess I'll make some bullet points.
  • Produced in St. Catherines Ontario
  • Someone swapped in a 1977 Police spec 350 which I promptly sold.
  • Last registered in 1994
  • Stickers on the glass from 1984-1986
  • All Glass is intact, aside from bullet holes in winshield
  • Swapping an Olds 455 with a Turbohydromatic 400 in her
  • I bought her with no prior knowledge on cars, aside from helping my dad here and there.
  • Learned as I went
  • Clamshell rear, not the doors.
  • Three bench seats, (Three rows)
  • Rust bucket salty pain in my ass, but I love her.
  • I need a tetanus shot.

Currently, the entire front end is stripped to the frame and firewall, all sheet metal gone, got rid of the rusted parts and kept what I could salvage. I'm a beginner so please bear with me .

Current Issues, removing rubber on cab floor, removing undercoat on firewall, I'm using a heat gun but its salt-petrified. I also bought some sweet Suburban ads that I will eventually post photos of, It's a very basic beginner post but I'll work on it. Nice to meet all of you!


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Wow Gabe, quite the intro, I like your project and can`t wait for the pics, welcome to the forum, you are already neck deep into the madness......anim_63 sign0016
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