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1966 c10

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I'm looking for a horn button for a 1966 Chevy c10 deluxe steering wheel. Where can I find one?
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Welcome to C10Trucks.

That is going to be a tough find.

Found a few on eBay but complete with steering wheel. $$
Think this is what you're looking for?

Or repop from Holley/Brothers

Or is is this style you're looking for?

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It's like the ones on e bay. I wouldn't mind one that's different it just needs to fit the deluxe steering wheel. If anyone knows of a new one that will fit the deluxe steering wheel that works. The new chrome with the red bowtie is for the standard steering wheel and won't fit the deluxe steering wheel. I might just have to paint mine up and try to make it look pretty. Thanks for the replies / suggestions.
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