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Hello every die hard Chevy Truck person! Thinking I can fix everything myself on my beauty is like thinking I can stay sober by myself. I need you all! I purchased this truck from a father/son in Austin, TX Picked up for a decent price.
Just not enjoying the ride for my three on the tree will not synk right after a few stops and goes. At first it would get stuck in a gear and felt very sloppy. When shifting then first, second and third would wind up being just neutral. Took it apart and cleaned the column well and put it back together and from the one YouTube video on adjusting the column shift at the fire wall it was much better. Thought I had it. No! Now it will shift fine at first and even taking great care shifting easy at a full stop to go to first it gets stuck in-between and grind like hell if I try to get to 1st. Wiggling and a jiggling I'll get it to shift then still with a little grind at full stop will get first. Now when you have a head turner and have gotten so many "thumbs up" it a little embarrassing and frustrating out on the road. I think about it a lot but scared to do it MY WAY like always. Wondering if some one can walk me thru this and if maybe its the lower linkage to the 3 speed trans mission needs to be changed out.... Had a (I thought) motor head guy work on it but feel he does not know and just taking my money for his learning curve. Pardon being long winded and hope you can help... Will post pictures when I can figure that part out!

Take care all!
Michael Spear
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