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  1. Third generation 1973–1987 Chevy C10 Trucks
    I recently picked up an all original 84 Silverado in decent shape for its age. I'm new to the restoration scene and am having a hard time finding any parts diagrams or locating oe part numbers for some items. What resources do you all use to locate them? Also, where do you find the harder to...
  2. Third generation 1973–1987 Chevy C10 Trucks
    Hi everyone, I just inherited my grampas 1980 C10, 4.1liter and I’ve only ever messed with carbs on 4-wheelers, when I press the gas the air flaps don’t open and there is nothing attached to their sliders, can I fix this or should I just buy a new carb? I’m gonna try and make this a nice truck...
1-2 of 2 Results