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  1. Welcome New Members. Say Hello Here
    I almost sold it last week but when I sent the pictures I ended up deciding to take on the project of the buyer didn't want it. He didn't do here I go. I've got a '64 longbed with a '65 Iongbed stepside donor truck. Going to work on it with my dad and hopefully son and daughter.
  2. First generation 1960–1966 Chevy C10 Trucks
    Hey guys and gals I was hoping for some help. I recently bought a c30 with a 230 inline 6 in it. The truck had been sitting a while but turned over fine. Was going to buy a hei distributor but found a 250 inline 6 out of a 1984 C10 . So my intention was to just swap them because the newer engine...
  3. Welcome New Members. Say Hello Here
    Hello All, My name is Adam and i just layed down some cash for a 1962 c10 fleetside longbed. its compete minus the motor. it has the 4 speed trans and the original bed wood floor. I admit I know nothing about these trucks. I'm 26 and have always admired these body styles but knew if i didn't...
  4. Welcome New Members. Say Hello Here
    Hey everyone, I am starting to do some research on which truck I should start with for my first project truck. I am leaning towards the 3rd gen right now, but would like some suggestions from everyone. I was not raised in a gear head family, but I enjoy tinkering and learning as I go. I am on a...
1-4 of 4 Results