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  1. K/ Series Chevy Trucks
    Hey everyone. New guy here from Hawaii. Hoping to learn from this forum and you all as I make my way towards a goal of mine. I'd like to hear from you guys on if this is too far fetched. Dream: 1962-1966 K-10 with an LS3 (or similar) and T56 6-speed (or similar). (Fleetside preferred, prolly...
  2. Second generation 1967–1972 Chevy C10 Trucks
    Hey everyone, In the process of getting a C10 build started. I’m getting a ‘71 shortbed from one of my family members and the truck is currently just a roller and has been sitting for a few years (it used to be my grandpas daily until it broke down and he never fixed it and now it needs a full...
1-2 of 2 Results