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    Located in Bonnington Falls, BC 1968 Chevrolet C10 In-line 6 250, 3 on the tree transmission Runs, drives, and turns a lot of heads. Rust free, all body work was done in 2010/2011 (cab corners, rockers, cab mounts, lower doors, otherwise the body was great condiiton. Relocated the gas tank to...
    $22,500 CAD
  2. Third generation 1973–1987 Chevy C10 Trucks
    Hello everyone, I’m new to the group. I have some engine related questions and I wanted to see if I could get some help. I have a 350 I wanted to build up. I bought a set of vortec heads from a friend, a comp thumpr cam 227/241, and an edelbrock performer eps intake manifold. I plan on getting...
  3. Second generation 1967–1972 Chevy C10 Trucks
    I have a 71 c10 with a sbc 350 mostly stock internally. It's a 86 motor I believe I know its 80's. Stock bottom end I was told and I believe it. Stock heads are on it still have just been ported and polished. Not sure how good of a job was done, was done almost 2000 miles ago. Has a edlebrock...
  4. Welcome New Members. Say Hello Here
    Well I'm new here sad to say I've just gotten my second chevy ever ford guy. I just traded my 90 mustang rough shape needed work for a 1971 chevy c10. 10 wide tires all the way around on American racing rims. Custom gauge cluster. A 84 350 sbc if I remember right. It's a long bed. Th350 trans...
  5. Second generation 1967–1972 Chevy C10 Trucks
    Just got my second chevy ever of my life first was a 91. Just traded my mustang for a 71 chevy c10, 350 mild built and th350 trans built stage 2. Anyways why I'm here truck needs a lil love. Paint is just a disaster. But truck itself in great shape and straight came with extra patch panels and...
  6. Welcome New Members. Say Hello Here
    I recently purchased an 1968 c10 inline 6. I would like to do a v8 swap and was wondering if I could get some help with what I'll need motor mount wise. I have a complete 350(sbc) that I would like to put in it. I've heard it bolt in and I've heard it hasn't. If it does bolt in could I get some...
  7. Welcome New Members. Say Hello Here
    hey guys! I'm Bryce from WA, just bought a 1970 c20 about a week ago , no motor but had the 4 speed trans with granny low, originally the truck came with a 292 inline 6 (previous owner blew it up and pulled it). I had a small block 350 sitting in the garage so i'm currently in the process of...
  8. Second generation 1967–1972 Chevy C10 Trucks
    In my 350, one of my rocker arm studs have pulled out. I believe tapping for screwed in studs are the way to go. Has anyone else done this? Not sure of the correct studs and tap to get. No big cam or high performance parts, just a stock motor. Thanks
  9. First generation 1960–1966 Chevy C10 Trucks
    Due to the amazing noises emanating forth from my 292, I think it will need to be pulled. Besides another 292 or a 250, I would like to consider putting in a 283, 327, or 350 from that era. Are there any special considerations for mounting or connecting a V8 to this 66 C10 chassis?
1-9 of 9 Results